School Fees

Board Mandated Fees (Instructional Resource Fees for Grades 5-8) as well as School Bus Fees can be viewed by clicking below.

Rocky View Schools Fees

School Based Fees

On Friday, September 30th, your child brought home a fee statement on GREEN paper. On January 17, 2017, your child brought home a fee statement on BLUE paper. Please ask your child for the paper and if you have not yet set up your School Cash Online account, please see the link below on how to set one up.

The links below also explain Grade 6, 7 and 8 Option Fees (shown as OCF fees on your statement), the Lunch Club Fee, and how you can order food from the Chartwells Kiosk.

If you receive the GST rebate, your family may qualify to have the RVS Instructional Resource Fee of $105 and Option Fees (applicable to grade 6, 7, 8 students) waived. A waiver form link is below. All waiver forms must be mailed or taken directly to the Rocky View Schools Education Centre (Finance Department) with a copy of the GST Credit Notification received from the Canada Revenue Agency. All details are on the form attached. PLEASE NOTE: you must apply for the fee waiver EACH SCHOOL YEAR so if you received the waiver last year, you will need to re-apply for this year.

WHY SCHOOL CASH ONLINE? For safety and efficiency reasons, Rocky View School Division would like to reduce the amount of cash and cheques coming into our schools. They strongly recommend we move away from receiving payments of cash and cheques. Therefore, PLEASE register now to pay ALL school-related fees through the School Cash Online system. To date, 89% of our families at C.W. Perry have signed up to take advantage of the convenience of paying online!!! School Cash Online is safe, secure and EASY to use!! It only takes five minutes to set up. By signing up, you also automatically receive e-mail notifications regarding upcoming field trips or other school-related activities with fees associated. Fees can then be paid with credit card or e-check (using your banking info) and you never have to worry about finding cash or a cheque to send with your child!!!!! :)

In addition to the instructions, you can also watch this short video to copy into your browser explaining how easy it is to set up an account:

For questions about your child's fee statement or School Cash Online, please contact Tracy Jeffrey via email or call 587.775.3523 (ext. 7604).


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