C.W. Perry Parent Council

All Parent Council members are parents of students attending C.W. Perry.  From the beginning, we would like staff and parents to work as partners to ensure that the home and the school work in close harmony.  While ultimately any final decision is the Principal's, the advice and views of parents will be listened to most carefully.  Parent Council provides an important forum to discuss, debate, and exchange views or issues associated with the school.

2016-2017 Fundraised Money Used at CW Perry


Exam Bank - Grade 6 PATs $262.50
Drama Productions to Purchase new Mics $945.57
French Field Trip Subsidy $644.24
School Presentations (Guest Speakers) $1,150.00
Cameras for Year book Option $129.76
School Spirit Day Winners (School Climate) $1,415.38
Books and Fidget Toys $109.45
Dare to Care (gr. 5 & 6) Presentation $300.00
Sutdent Middle School Leadership Conf at Ed Centre (Cabs for students) $48.00
Big Deez DJ Services (Grade 8 Farwell Dance) $700.00
Tri Fit Boot Camps (Grade 7) Subsidy $932.00
Books for Reading program $158.00
Gym Strip Subsidy $5,000.00
Grade 8 Farewell and FieldTrips Subsidy $2,018.69
CTDS Honorarium for Reading Tales Chestermere Dogs Anxiety Therapy $100.00
Premier School Agendas $1,086.41

CW Perry's Parent Council for 2017/2018


Friends of CW Perry for 2017/2018 (fundraising)


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