Mr. Bowers

Welcome to 7B/7-2!

One of the primary goals within humanities this year is to foster a keen sense of curiosity and wonder within students. Student collaboration and project-based learning will help students develop their voice, hone their skills, and discover their passions as they unify each - both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Daily use of computers and technology is an expectation. Be sure to bring technology to class.
  • Fundamentals of literacy will occur each day. Please ensure that your quick write booklet is present and that you have your novel. Personal responses will occur after major works have been completed.
  • The quick write booklet will be assessed for grammar and written expression. Periodic checkpoints will occur with students about progress.
  • Review and practice key concepts and themes within the humanities. Read your novel each night and keep on top of your assignments.
  • Extra help or assistance will always be given both during and outside of class time. Students should be proactive in both requesting and organizing this time:

If you would like to contact me my phone number is 587.775.3523 or you can email me.

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