Ms. Wilson (6-6)

Welcome to the web space for 6-6Wilson! Below you will find a number of links to help you connect with your student's learning this year. If you would like to contact me, my phone number is 587.775.3523 and you can always email me at:


  • Teachers often require different supplies based on their teaching styles and preferences.  In order to minimize the amount of supplies required by each family, we have decided to create 2 supply lists, a base list that applies to all classes, and a specific list that is tailored to the needs of each individual homeroom teacher.  In addition to the general required supplies, your student in my class will need:
    -1 five-subject notebook
    -1 box of dry-erase markers
    -1 fine tip Sharpie
    -1 highlighter
  • The rest of the grade 6 school supplies can be found here:
  • With our transition to Real Time Reporting (RTR), please ensure that you are checking PowerSchool frequently to monitor your child's marks and to ensure they are not missing any assignments!
  • Reminder:  the weather outside can be frightful!  Please ensure that your student comes to school prepared to wait outside until student admittance in the morning, and to go outside for recess or for a fire/evacuation drill.  This means:  warm jackets, lots of layers, hats/mitts/scarves, and winter boots.  Please ensure that your child has a clean pair of indoor shoes to change into, and help keep our new school looking fantastic.  To check the current forecast, you can click this link:


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