Healthy Hunger

As many of you are aware, our Kiosk unfortunately closed in June of 2019.  As such, we are pleased to announce that C.W. Perry will be offering fun lunches on select days of the week.  We will be using the Healthy Hunger platform  ( to order, pay and track these fun lunches.  Please note, these lunches are completely optional.

Attached is an information letter that outlines how to sign up for the program.  Lunch days will be added as we get confirmation from various restaurants.  Once signed up for the program, you will receive reminder emails as more dates are chosen.

There is a firm 5 day cut-off set by Healthy Hunger.  Orders need to be in before the cut-off for each lunch.  Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made regarding the cut-off, however, if your child misses a week, not to worry, there will be many more dates in the future.

To access the Healthy Hunger Parent information sheet please click here Healthy Hunger Parent Information sheet

C.W. Perry has also installed several vending machines that students can use to purchase light snacks and juice/milk.  Snacks from these machines can be purchased by students on a daily basis when needed.

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