CW Perry - Let's Chat!!!

Mental Health Student Group

This group, which was formed in January 2018 is to serve the CW Perry community.

The CW Perry - Let's Chat! is a group of students who learn about age-appropriate mental health conditions, how they can support their fellow student and develop action plans around teaching the community about mental health.  This group is designed to assist, counsel or support a student with a mental health concern.  This group is about bringing change through understanding and awareness.


•    Learning about various mental health illnesses

•    Talking about what they see in their peer group and how we can address it

•    Talking about empathy through awareness

•    Creating mini events for the school and the community

•    Working towards a school-wide Mental Health Summit in October 2018.


This group will be meeting 1 to 2 times a month during class time (health curriculum).  They will also be asked to meet weekly in small groups during lunch.

Meeting one:  What is mental health?

Meeting two, Feb. 2nd: Anxiety...what is it and how can we help others

Meeting three, March 2nd:

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