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Mental Health and Spartan Strong Student Presentations

List of presentations coming into the school to build a positive mental health culture.

CW Perry Let's Chat! - Mental Health Student Leadership

We know that students at some point in their life will deal with a mental health issue.  Just like there are times when we get a “cold,” there are times we deal with mental health.  Often students do not know how to support one another as it relates to mental health.  Further to this, sometimes student to student relationships cause mental health problems to increase.  So what do we do about this? It starts with awareness.  We all have learned how to stem off a cold.  We also have no issues in going to a doctor.  There is no stigma around physical health.  There is a stigma around mental health.


The CW Perry Let's Chat! is a group of students who will be learning about age-appropriate mental health conditions, how they can support their fellow student and develop action plans around teaching the community about mental health.  This group is designed to assist, counsel or support a student with a mental health concern.  This group is about bringing change through understanding and awareness.

Speaker Series

Feb. 8th - Ian Tyson Grade 7/8

His presentation is called “Hooray for Everything” and touches on the following topics:

Positive Attitude and Optimism

Dealing with Negativity

Overcoming the mundane things in life

Enjoying every moment in school

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

Practicing Gratitude

How our Choices can affect others

Finding the Positive in situations

As you can see this presentation closely aligns with our Spartan Strong Characteristics.  Ian comes highly recommended as a motivational speaker has a good mix of humor and message.  If you would like to know more about him, please see Our hope for this presentation is that students will to be able to take his message as a reinforcement to what we continually work on every day at CW Perry.


Feb. 16th Stepping Stones to Mental Health - Anxiety presentation


March 19-20 - Trevor Loria from "Simons House"

Committed to saving and transforming the lives of people who are battling addiction, Simon House provides a unique and innovative approach to addiction recovery. Rooted in the 12 Steps, Simon House incorporates various multi-disciplinary techniques and therapies to empower change and support long-term recovery. Utilizing a continuous daily intake process, we have prioritized admission to our program and are able to admit new clients seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.


March 7/8, 2018 - I am Heart (Parent Presentation on the 8th) March 7/8

Grade 5/6 presentation on understanding and responding to emotion.

Lance Drozda is the founder of i-am-heart, a Calgary-based organization brining a more empathetic and heart-based approach to emotional self-awareness, coping and regulation for youth and adults.  His organization has presented to clinicians, educators and students across Alberta and Western Canada and provides programs and workshops focused on building youth emotional empowerment.

"We offer programs for boys focused on empathy, compassion and emotional development that builds individual confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness based on emotional empowerment."

Josh Pellang - March Presentation to Grade 8's

Overcoming Adversity through Cheerfulness and a Positive Attitude

"Josh will discuss courage, unselfishness, cheerfulness in adversity, determination, and perseverance, as experienced through the different points in his life they were learned. Most of all, Josh will focus on how those attributes have helped him overcome some intense and dramatic life events, and to push forward and set new life goals. Josh will emphasize that experiences do not have to define you, but that if you have the courage to push forward through adversity, you can find wonderful satisfaction in ways you never expected."

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