C.W. Perry School Programs

Specific program descriptions will be developed as the year progresses, but all learning at C.W. Perry is built upon two premises. First, that C.W. Perry has been built to encourage collaborative cross-disciplinary learning that will focus on teacher/student feedback and structure. Critical thinking, inquiry and project based learning where students are given choice and leeway to pursue areas of interest must be evident in the way we teach and learn at C.W. Perry. Our building, which has multiple gathering areas, meeting rooms, and teacher collaboration areas is designed to facilitate this kind of teaching and learning. As teachers, we must seek to create the conditions for invention and knowledge creation rather than consumption.

Our students must be involved in a process of learning that allows for collaboration within a focused, coherent and deliberate framework for learning that encourages creation and celebration. Within this process, it is understood that the use of technology is a dynamic, interactive tool that must be used to support, extend and engage students in deep learning that will help students achieve their potential.

While academics are of course at the core of what we will do at C.W. Perry, we know that the work of a school extends beyond the classroom. It is imperative that we connect with our students in other ways beyond the scope of academic achievement. The students must also be engaged with the school through 21st century character education, citizenship and student leadership initiatives.

Extracurricular, intramurals, clubs, fine arts and band programs all help create collaborative structures that will help us engage and connect to/with our students. This connection and engagement must also extend into the homes of the parents of our students, going beyond simply informing parents of what is happening, but rather asking and encouraging them to play an active meaningful role in the learning of their children.

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